Extend your Reach

Your Masjid content on our phone app. Now reach thousands of users without the development cost or any overhead maintenance.

Extend your Reach

Your Masjid content on our phone app. Now reach thousands of users without the development cost or any overhead maintenance.


An app for your Masjid.

The Masjid is an institution that binds Muslims to Islam, gives its community roots. It is the core around which attendees can build their lives.

Athan+ is an easy to use app displaying all Masjidal-member mosques. Athan+ allows Masjids to share valuable and current information with their congregants beyond the basics. Keeping users informed and connected, creating a true bond between the Masjid and the community. With this app, you can also extend your reach to users visiting the area. Your Masjid timings and content is displayed to every user of the app. And best of all, basic features are free – free for the user and free for the Masjid.

The Athan+ mobile app seamlessly integrates programs, events, and donation functionalities, fostering community engagement and support. Users can easily navigate and contribute to various initiatives while staying informed about masjid’s current programs and events.

*Most features highlighted below are part of the premium package. Masjid's need to be on the premium paid plan to access these features on the Athan+ app. 


Display custom content such as program reminders, announcements, donation requests and much more. Add links to each image so that users can get more information easily. Add multiple images to create a slideshow.


Display numerous slides with images and flyers about Masjid programs for community members to browse. Add live clickable links to the slides for registration, ticket purchases, website and more.


Keep your masjid events front and center by displaying events using attractive visual slides. Users can click the slide to be directed to the event page for ticket purchase or for additional detail page.


Make urgent appeals and requests for donations by displaying a slide. A fully customized image with your branding emotionally connects the user to their home Masjid. Link it to your donation page to make a seemless integration.

Prayer Times

A full section dedicated to your Masjid's Prayer timings. Users can quickly glance today's timings or swipe to see upto a week's timings. Many built-in features encourage users to follow your timings and make it to the Masjid on time.


Timing screen enables users to easily and quickly view Athan, Iqamah, sunrise, sunset and Jumu’ah times. Users can also access the auto-generated monthly timetable or you can link it to your monthly PDF timetable.


Users can easily adjust their iqamah notification alerts in accordance to their needs. Users can get notification prior to the Masjid's Iqamah times. This way users avoid missing prayers at the Masjid.


Color coded iqamah change alerts are automatic allowing Masjids to alert and keep users informed of iqamah times changes. A difference of only 5 minutes can make or break your jamaah attendance.


Keep community members informed with real-time updates, news, and announcements. Display custom content such as program reminders, announcements, donation requests and much more. Send push notifications to keep the users informed and connected to your Masjid.


Masjids can display texts as announcements to quickly get the information accross. Users can swipe through multiple announcements. Users can also share with family and friends to encourage participation.


Use the pop-up notifications to share important news and announcements. Designed to be immediate, quick. Users can tap and are funneled straight into the detail page to learn more.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications to communicate and keep everyone informed of important announcements, reminders, and upcoming events quickly and efficiently. Push notifications allow masjids to remind users — even when users not actively using your app.


Easily integrate your Masjid’s Google calendar with the Athan+ app. Display all upcoming events including online links and conference call numbers keeping users informed. This feature enables your community members to stay updated with upcoming events and special occasions.


Users can browse through upcoming events, access essential details and add masjid events to their personal calendars. Sharing with family and friends is as simple as a “click.”


With a simple tap, users can view the details of your events. Be as detailed as you can be on your event listings to encourage full participation.


Fully supports HTML to display your events in an impactful way. Enter the description, add links, use text color and size on Google calendar and we'll display it the right way on the Athan.


Athan+ app allows you to integrate your donation platform to the app. Connect the donation page from your Masjid’s website or an alternate platform that you use (no commission or processing fees charged by Masjidal).


Link the donation button to your Masjid's donation page and a floating prominent donation button will be displayed to the users making it easy for them to donate to your Masjid.


Masjid's using Masjidal donation platform will be able to show the various categories that they setup. User's can qucikly select the category they want to donate towards and complete the process within 3 taps. **

Quick Donations

In this digital age, people no longer carry cash or checks, and therefore they look for quick and simple solutions to donate anytime, anywhere. Athan+ accepts various payment methods (credit cards, digital wallets, Apple Pay, Google Pay).**

**Masjidal donation service is needed.

Custom Buttons

Simple and hassle-free options to add custom buttons to collect user information on the Athan+ app to meet the needs of your masjid. Add QR registration, fundraising, program signups or subscription to masjid’s email list.


Make masjid event registration a breeze for your congregants and staff with an online registration. Set up registration, customize the info you collect, add branding and event details, and then start sharing. Allow members to sign up in minutes with a masjid registration function that they can quickly use on their smartphones.


Get volunteer signups, iftar signup and any other actionable items with the Athan+ and allow users to see what’s on the calendar and sign up for the latest masjid activities.



Letting people know about updates doesn’t have to only take place during masjid gathering or email announcements. Giving members updates takes just a few minutes through the Athan+ app.

Find your perfect plan

From free version to premium plans, we offer plans to meet every budget.







Multiple designs available for displaying prayer/Iqamah timings

Countdown to next Iqamah

Announcement messages as scrolling tickers

Easily manage Salah and Iqamah time on the cloud

Integrate timings to your masjid website

24 hour time format support

Automatic Iqamah time change notification

Scrolling Text

Full or Split Screen

Slideshow feature with advanced scheduling

Single Slide

Multiple Slides

Display your custom content on the screen

Image Only

Images, Websites, YouTube, Google Slides, Google Sheets

Announcement texts as split/full screen

One minute countdown to Athan/Iqamah

Easily display different content on different TV (signage player needed for each TV)

Prohibited salah time screens with customizable timings

Portrait mode

Display your Masjid logo on the prayer timing screen

Set custom colors on certain templates

Split screen mode to display your content with the prayer times

Priority support

No Sign Up Fee


No Sign Up Fee



Free plan with tons of features


Available to all Masjids

Masjid listed on the search screen based on user’s location

Display Athan, Iqamah and Jumu’ah timings

Countdown to next Iqamah

Display Masjid address, phone, email and website

Allow user to save Masjid as favorite (most visited)

Iqamah reminders to encourage user to come to the Masjid

Color coded announcement messages based on priority

Driving directions to your Masjid based on the user’s location

Manage content remotely from your Masjidal account

Integrated with our Al-Iqamah digital signage and Athan Frame (athan clock)


Advanced features


Includes all free features plus:

NEW FEATURE – Send important announcements and reminders as push notifications to users

Prominently display the “Donate” button to link the app to your donation page

Add your Masjid logo to complete the customized look

Link to your monthly prayer timing pdf document

Display announcements and reminders as slides with custom links

List your events easily with a simple Google calendar integration

Add additional buttons as needed for various scenarios (prayer registration, volunteer sign up, fundraising etc.)

Access to priority support

$10 / month discount for combined Al-Iqamah subscription

No Sign Up Fee


You can sign up for your Masjid for free. Every account comes with the Basic plan.

Nurture Your Islam. It’s a Gift for Generations to Come.